At Fitters Rates Ltd we pride ourselves on striving to “Getting It Right First Time”; we strive to provide our customers with a high quality services, and products. However, we understand that occasionally things may go wrong. As a Which? Trusted trader we comply with Which? Trusted traders code of conduct; to give consumers the best possible protection. All complaints are taken seriously and we aim to resolve them as promptly as possible.

We will thoroughly review your complaint, and you will be informed of our response within 28 Days. If you wish to make a complaint, please follow the steps outlined below. For further Information on your Consumer Rights please review; Which Consumer Rights website.

What We Require From You

Please gather what we’ll need to know;
Complaints procedures - Which TraderWhat is your complaint; what exactly has gone wrong, and how and when it happened;
Complaints procedures - Which TraderYour name, address and contact telephone number;
Complaints procedures - Which TraderHow you would like us to resolve the matter; within what timeframe do you expect the problem to be resolved.

Please make contact with us By

Complaints procedures - Which TraderEmail us :

Or Write to us:

Customer Relations
Fitter Rates Ltd
Unit 1 Tremorfa, Industrial Estate
Cardiff Wales CF24 5SD

On Receiving Details Of Your Complaint

Once we have this information, we will be able to fully investigate your complaint.
You will receive within 28 days acknowledgement of your complaint; and will be either provided with a resolution or a letter of deadlock. You will receive confirmation of our relevant findings; how we intend to resolve the matter; our explanation as to how and why we reached the decision we came to.

Should you not be satisfied with the outcome?

Should after 8 weeks a resolution with you has not been made; you have received a letter of deadlock from us.The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman can case-manage the complaint.Dispute Resolution Ombudsman is a not-for-profit company that provides an independent dispute resolution service to Which? Trusted traders and their customers.

Complaints procedures - Which TraderAlternative Dispute Resolution Service Consumer Guide (PDF)